Download: OIAAA Constitution and Bylaws – Revised 2016





Athletic programs are an integral part of the total school program and as such must be considered with respect and dignity.  Athletics will prosper only if they earn this respect through the character and quality of their administration.  Therefore, it behooves all Athletic Directors to exercise professional leadership.

Our democratic society demands of any group, that claims the status of a profession, to prove itself by being governed through the establishment of ethical policies controlling the actions of the members.  This obligation can be achieved through membership and participation in the Oklahoma Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association.

Each member of the profession is responsible to act in a professional manner.  This means that the Athletic Director must abide by the ethical standard of his/her profession.

The policies are designed to inspire a high quality of ethical behavior and are not meant as inflexible or unchangeable rules.  They measure the propriety of an Athletic Director and encourage and emphasize attributes of professional conduct to develop effective leadership.

High standards of ethical behavior for Athletic Directors are essential and are compatible with his/her faith in the power of athletic programs and his/her commitment to leadership in the preservation and strengthening of the athletic program.

The Athletic Director must face squarely these beliefs:

  1. The effectiveness of the athletic program is his/her responsibility.
  2. Sound athletic programs must have the best trained instructors possible and must be geared to protect the health and safety of the participants.
  3. In the final analysis, the Athletic Director will be judged on the effort he/she puts forth to improve the quality of the program.


Section 1:  This organization shall be known as the Oklahoma Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association.


Section 1:  The objectives shall be the following:

  1. To promote the professional growth and image of interscholastic athletic administrators.
  2. To promote the development and prestige of state and national athletic administrators and the interscholastic program.
  3. To preserve the educational nature of interscholastic athletics and the place of these programs in the curricula of schools.
  4. To promote greater unity and fellowship among all its members.
  5. To improve the educational aspects of interscholastic athletics in the total educational program.
  6. To cooperate with the administrative head of the local school district organization, supervision and administration of the interscholastic athletic program.
  7. To assist and cooperate with The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association in carrying out its objectives as stated in Article 2 of the Constitution and Rules of the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association.
  8. To recognize that the administrative head of the school is held ultimately responsible in all matters pertaining to interscholastic activities involving his/her school and to assist in carrying out the rules and regulations of the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association.



Section 1Officers:  The Officers shall be a President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President, State Education Director, Awards Director, NIAAA Liaison and NIAAA Section 6 Representative and OSSAA Liaison.

Section 2Duties of the President:  The President shall preside at all meetings of the association as the chief executive officer.  He/she will attend the National Athletic Directors Conference. He/she will have the power to appoint special committees for the purpose of improving the objectives of the association.  At the end of the summer clinic the President and an appointed committee shall review and up-date the constitution – see Article IX.

Section 3Duties of the President Elect: The President Elect will automatically move into the presidency.  The President Elect shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence or inability to act and assist in any matters necessary.

Section 4Duties of the Secretary: The secretary shall be the chief correspondence officer responsible for all such records and proceedings of the association.  He/she shall be responsible for notices, publications, reports and other items necessary for proper operation of the association.  He/she shall conduct meetings in the absence of the President and President Elect.  The Secretary will keep all minutes of official meetings and the information will be dispensed to the membership.  He/she shall be eligible for re-election.

Section 5Duties of the Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be the chief financial officer responsible for receipt and disbursement of funds.  Accurate records are to be kept.  A financial report shall be given as routine order of business at all open meetings.  Another function of the treasurer will be to recruit membership and catalog all potential members.  This list will be submitted to the Secretary for the publication and distribution to members only.  He/she shall be eligible for re-election.

Section 6Duties of the Past President: The Past President shall serve in an advisory capacity for one year.  They shall recommend a candidate for the office of the President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer by the time of the summer OADC clinic.

Section 7Duties of the State Education Director: In accordance with the NIAAA, the Leadership Training Institute State Coordinators are the gatekeepers of the Leadership Training Institute at the state level. These individuals maintain the integrity of the LTI program in each state. The responsibilities of each LTI State Coordinator are:  to assist in developing LTI presentation faculty, to outline course offerings available in the state, to process all orders for the LTI courses utilizing appropriate forms, to communicate to the national office those who successfully complete LTI courses using proper forms, to keep records of state LTI course offerings and attendance, and to handle the financial aspects of offering the programs.  He/she shall be eligible for re-election.

Section 8Duties of the Awards Director: The Awards Director purpose shall be to select award recipient(s) or nominee(s) for the OIAAA and NIAAA throughout each school year.  He/she shall be eligible for re-election.

Section 9 Duties of the NIAAA Liaison: The NIAAA Liaison shall be responsible for liaises between NIAAA and OIAAA members, to communicate and help coordinate activities involving either or both organizations throughout the term of service.  He/she shall be eligible for re-election.

Section 10Duties of the NIAAA Section 6 Representative: The NIAAA Section 6 Representative shall serve on the NIAAA Section 6 committee.  He/she will report to the Advisory Committee on NIAAA news.  He/she shall be eligible for re-election.

 Section 11 – Duties of the OSSAA Liaion: The OSSAA Liaison shall be responsible for liaises between 

OSSAA and OIAAA members, to communicate within both organizations throughtout the term of service. His/Her selection shall be made by OSSAA throught their Athletic Director At-Large Positions.

Section 11- Duties of the Mentorship Chairperson: The OIAAA Mentorship Chairerson shall serve new athletic directors in the state of Oklahoma as a foundation of resoures regarding but not limited to NIAAA & OIAAA membership. He/she will report to Advisory Committee on memtorship news and assign Advisory Board member as mentors to new athletic directors as needed. He/she shall be eligible for re-election.

Role of the Mentor

Establish a line of communication with mentee (exchange phone number/email)

Provide resoure to the mentee as requested or needed

Education mentee about the OIAAA/NIAAA & ways to stay engaged & ways to stay engaged & be informed of happenings in Oklahoma and nationally

Inform Mentee of LTI coures and opportunities for growth as an AD



Section 1Membership: The Oklahoma Interscholastic Athletic Administration recognizes that there is a need for an advisory group to interact with the various coaches advising groups and with the staff of the OSSAA/NIAAA.  With this in mind be advised of the following procedure by which the advisory committee will be established. Members will be expected to attend the National Athletic Directors Conference if funds are available.

Section 2Criteria for Selection:

Must be an athletic administrator as designed by his/her school district.

Must be a member in the OIAAA and the NIAAA.

Must have an interest in the promotion of high school athletics.

Must have a basic knowledge of the rules and regulations of the OSSAA.

Must be able to attend meetings as necessary for the operation of the committee.

Must be available to attend various coaches’ association meetings so as to gain information relative to the improvement of the various athletic events sponsored by the OSSAA.


Section 3Method of Selective-Length of Service:

The advisory committee shall consist of 18 members.

The Executive Board of the OIAAA shall appoint the committee based on the established criteria.

When vacancies occur due to change of classification, movement or termination of duties as Athletic Director the Executive Board shall appoint a replacement.

Length of service shall be for 3 years with a staggered rotation so as to insure both continuity and new input on an annual basis.


Breakdown of committee membership to be filled the following years, then every 3 years after:

Class B – 1A     2A – 3A – 4A           5A – 6A          At Large          At Large          OIAAA Officers
1 East Rep       1 East Rep                   1 East Rep       1 East Rep       1 East Rep     Officers Board of directors

1 West Rep      1 West Rep                 1 West Rep     1 West Rep     1 West Rep     President Elect
(2014)                  (2015)                  (2016)                (2015)              (2016)                             Secretary

3 year term        3 year term         3 year term       3 year term      3 year term






(1 year term)

Advisory Committee members can serve for more than one term either consecutively or collectively.

The President of the OIAAA will serve as chairman of the Advisory Committee.


Section 4Legislative Action: The Advisory Committee shall act on all matters pertaining to membership and legislation in accordance with the Constitution.

Section 5Quorum: A quorum shall consist of the membership of the Advisory Committee and any action taken shall be based on simple majority vote.


Section 1Eligibility: The association shall consist of all Athletic Directors and/or any other persons that have the administrative responsibility for any athletic programs in the schools of Oklahoma.

Section 2Application for Membership: Application for membership to OIAAA/NIAAA shall be made to the Treasurer.  The application blank must be accompanied by a $100.00 fee and shall be considered active immediately upon such acceptance of a fee.

Section 3Voting Privilege: Only those members present at the meeting of the association are eligible to cast a vote.

Section 4Active Members: Active members whose dues are paid and who are in good standing shall have full privilege of membership.

Section 5Retired/Inactive Members: Retired/Inactive memberships are available to such regular members as may become retired or inactive for other causes; but membership shall not carry voting privileges.  Dues shall be $30.00 per year for NIAAA and $0.00 per year for OIAAA.

Section 6Honorary Members: Honorary memberships may be voted by the Advisory Committee as they see fit.  There will be neither fee nor voting privileges assigned to this membership.

Section 7Association Year:  The association year shall begin July 1 and end  June 30. At the conclusion of the OCA Summer Clinic.


Section 1Regular: There shall be regular meetings a year as follows:

Summer: OCA Clinic OADC Meeting

School Year: As needed


Section 2Elections: Elections shall be part of the summer OADC meeting.

Section 3Advisory Committee: The advisory committee member shall attend 75% of scheduled meetings to remain in good standing.  If a meeting is to be missed the committee member shall contact the President, President-Elect or Secretary with notification of special circumstances.


Section 1Summer Annual: All regular elections shall be held at the Summer OADC as part of the regular business.

Section 2Nomination from the Floor: Nominations may be made from the floor by any voting member.

Section 3New Officers: All newly elected officers are to take office at the conclusion of the Summer OADCA Clinic or the beginning of the new fiscal year (July 1).

Section 4Geographic Selection: The President-Elect shall be selected alternately from the East-West geographical regions of the state.  All committees shall adhere to this concept as nearly as possible.



Section 1Relationships: OIAAA shall cooperate fully with all educational and administrative groups or organizations.

Section 2Correlation: It is recommended that the constitution and proceedings be consistent with the fundamental purpose of the OSSAA and NIAAA.



Section 1Constitutional Purpose: The constitution of the Oklahoma Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association has been developed to best serve the purpose of this organization as outlined in Article II.

Section 2Amendments: Amendments to the constitution shall be by referendum vote of the members.

Section 3Adoption: Adoption of amendments shall be by simple majority of voting members at any regular meeting.

Section 4Referendum: All amendments may be proposed by the Advisory Committee or by petition of any active members to the Advisory Committee at least thirty (30) days prior to any regular meeting.

Section 5Emergency: In the event of an emergency, the President may call a special meeting or he may poll the membership by email.  The Advisory Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies created on the Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors shall have the power fill vacancies created on the Board of Directors shall have the power to fill vacancies created on the Board of Directors, and take any necessary action in the interests of the association in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association.

Revised October 12, 2016